Limited Menu for COVID-19

Vegetable Spring Rolls $7.99

Kai Chi (Dr.Of Heaven) $8.99
Tender chicken wings marinated with fresh herbs, chilies garlic ,tossed in wok.

Chilly Paneer $7.99
Cubes of cheese sautéed with fresh chilly & onions in light soya sauce.

Vegetable Manchurian Or Cauliflower Manchurian $7.99
Golden fried vegetables dumplings Or Cauliflower tossed with onions in a chilly sauce.

Steam Dumplings $7.99
Vegetable ,Chicken Or Shrimp dumplings served with soya garlic sauce.

Chilly Garlic Fried Shrimps $15.99
Coconut crusted golden fried shrimp tossed with onions, garlic and chilly.

Samosa's Or Samosa Chaat $6.00 / $7.99

Amritsari Fish $15.99
Shallow fried basa, coated with delicately spiced gram flour.

Sweet Corn $6.00
Homemade corn soup prepared with your choice of chicken or vegetables.

Hot & Sour $6.00
Combination of mushrooms and tofu with your choice of chicken or vegetables.

Monchow Soup $6.00
A lemon garlic flavored soup with chicken or vegetables.

Paneer Tikka $12.99
Homemade cheese filled with mint & Coriander and cooked in tandoor.

Malai Kebab $14.99
Breast of chicken marinated with crushed white pepper ,sour cream & cooked in pit oven.

Chicken Tikka $14.99
Chicken marinated in ginger ,garlic and herb flavored yogurt cooked in tandoor.

Tandoori Lamb Chops"You Will Love It." $25.99
Nanking's delicacy traditional tandoori baby lamb chops.

Tandoori Shrimps $24.99
Jumbo shrimps flavored with ground spices barbequed over charcoal.

Tandoori Salmon Tikka $24.99

Nanking Chilly Chicken Or Chicken Manchurian $16.99
Boneless pieces of chicken prepared with fresh herbs and chilly with traditional hakka style.

Thai Chicken Curry (Choices Of Red, Green Or Penang) $16.99
Traditionally prepared white chicken curry with bamboo shoots and coconut milk.

Butter Chicken $16.99
Makhani murg in a mildly spiced tomato sauce.

Chicken Korma Zafrani $16.99

Fried Chilly Lamb $18.99
Sliced lamb sautéed with onions and fresh green chilly.

Ginger Lamb $18.99
Stir fried lamb with green peppers in a fresh ginger sauce.

Lamb/Mutton Roagan Josh $18.99
Tender meat pieces simmered in a blend of exotic spices, ginger ,garlic and caramelized onions.

Lobster $22.99
Lobster taken out its shell and sautéed with vegetables in your choice of sauces ( Black pepper, chilly or Szechwan)

Szechwan /Chilly Shrimp Or Fish $20.99

Thai Shrimp Or Fish Curry (Choice Of Red, Green & Penang ) $20.99

Shrimp Or Fish Curry $20.99
Seafood cooked with different south & north Indian style ....Ask your server for more details.

Chilly Paneer $12.99

Vegetable Manchurian $12.99

Thai Vegetable Curry (Red ,Green & Penang) $12.99

Paneer Makhani Or Palak Paneer $12.99

Dal Makhani Or Dal Tadka Or Channa Masala $12.99

Aloo Gobhi Or Bhindi Masala $12.99

Nanking Fried Rice
(With Vegetables, Chicken Or Shrimp)
$10.00 $11.00 $12.00

Chilly Garlic Fried Rice
(With Vegetables, Chicken OR Shrimp)
$10.00 $11.00 $12.00

Hakka Noodles
(With Vegetables, Chicken Or Shrimp)
$10.00 $11.00 $12.00

Chilly Garlic Noodles
(With Vegetables, Chicken Or Shrimp)
$10.00 $11.00 $12.00

(With Vegetables , Chicken ,
Mutton Or Shrimp)
$12.99 $15.99 $17.99 $18.99

Butter Naan /Tandoori Roti / Garlic Naan $2.00 $03.00

Bread Basket $8.00

Ice Cream (Choice Of Vanilla & Strawberry) $7.00

Cake (Ask Your Server For Our Cake Of The Day) $7.00

Gulab Jamun $7.00

Ramalai $7.00

Halwa Puding (Gajar Or Moong Dal) $7.00

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